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Hey there guys,

So a couple of days ago, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by the awesome Nightsong over at CreativeMinds101. Now I have had the honour of being nominated for the award previously, however the questions Nightsong asked are different from before so I don’t think there is anything wrong with accepting the nomination and answering the questions.

Nightsong has an awesome blog over on CreativeMind101 where she shares writing advice and musings and the odd book review as well as her Friday Quote series. She is so wonderful and is always commenting and being super awesome. She also likes Narnia so you can’t go wrong with that. 😀

Now onto the questions. ❤

Nightsong’s Questions:

Do you judge books based on their book covers?

For sure, if the front cover isn’t interesting or its just word art, etc, I just won’t look at it. I’m definitely a visual kind of judge when looking for a book to read. The front has to start my imagination or I will be less inclined to pick it up and read it.

How many books do you have in your TBR?

Twelvish novels but probably more, most of them are series and if we include course books that I have to read that could be countless. So much study to do. XD

What is your favorite book of all time?  Why?

Oh gosh you like the hard questions. My answer probably varies every time I answer them. Sometimes it’s Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin other times it’s The Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce, or the Skip Beat! Manga’s. XD

So today’s favorite book would have to be… Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda. I read through that book in a week (it’s a big book) which is fast for me and I loved the adventure and the twists and turns and characters. I highly recommend the book, plus the covers of the series are pretty cool. 😀


Is there a book coming out this year that you can’t wait to read?

Hmm, don’t hurt me but I hardly ever know what books are coming out when. XD I usually just discover them when I browse the local bookshop or online. I must say however that I am super looking forward to hopefully all the fellow bloggers books that are hopefully coming out this year. I plan on buying and reviewing everyone’s books because I love supporting all the writers in my community!! ❤

Do you prefer long or short chapter in books?

I quite like shorter chapters, they are easy to get through in that ‘one more chapter’ stage of night and also I tend to lose concentration if it goes too long without that chapter heading. 😀

Was there a book that you read due to the hype surrounding it that you didn’t enjoy?  Why?

Can’t say I have. I don’t usually get wrapped up in the hype of products. Books such as hunger games and divergent series never really appealed to me and honestly I like finding different books in my own time. 🙂

Do you have a favorite author?  If so, why is she/he your favorite author?

Ah, there are some great authors out there both classic and upcoming. I would have to choose Jane Austen. Honestly her writing is beautiful, from the years she was published to the current days her stories of romance and everything is still delightful. I love the tone of writing though I must admit the first time I read Pride and Prejudice I got very confused. XD I love the ambiance of the period manners and culture. I feel like you get immersed in that classy world and honestly I love it there.

What is your favorite book cover of all time?  Why is it your favorite?

Hmmmm, again with the tough question. My memory is terrible however there have been a lot of great book covers. I usually go for the fantasy covers or with one character looking all heroic and cool. However before I ever got into the fantasy novels there was one of the first real series I ever read. The Billabong books written by Australian writer Mary Grant Bruce were a hit when I was a young teenager and even now I’m thinking about them and wanting to reread them all. However one of the books, Billabong’s Daughter, especially caught the attention of my romantic teenage heart and from that moment on I read through that book like the speed of light. XD Maybe not that fast but still. The book cover drew me in for the heroic Australian horseman (Wally ❤ ) protecting the main lead woman (Norah) and I must admit I was in the mood for some slightly romantic books. Ahhhh ❤ . And yes, while it’s not the most artistic or fancy cover, it’s the personal connection that makes it so great. 😀


Do you prefer standalone novels or series?

I do like series, I love seeing the collection of books lined up on the shelf as well as you get to hang out with the same characters. I don’t like when things drag on however but a few books in a series is fine. It also helps to not rush a plotline and things like that.

What is your favorite fictional world?

Can I say Ryllia? My world? XD Otherwise I would have to say…Narnia. It just seems like a fantastic world, what more can I say.

Do you prefer hardcover novels or paperback novels?

Hmm, I like both but I have mostly paperback because I find it’s actually easier to read than hardcover. But hardcover books can be beautiful to display. Personally I just like any cover that I can line up and look pretty on the shelf or in my hands. 😀 ❤

And those were all Nightsong’s questions!

Thank you Nightsong for the nomination and the questions I had to think a lot with them but I honestly had a lot of fun answering them all.

My brain isn’t really working long enough to think of more questions or nominations but know that you are all awesome and I love all of you for your support and everything all the time!

You are AWESOME!!!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

2 thoughts on “Q&A Liebster Award

  1. Awe, thanks, Shadow Summit! I loved reading your answers to this tag. Lol, I did sorta the same thing for one of my questions when I said that my favorite character was my own character. I mean, we created the world and characters so why wouldn’t they be our favorites?:)

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