Let’s Talk: New Social Media Page

wingding. Let’s Talk: New Social Media Page wingding3

Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey Ryllian Recruits,

First off, new announcement! I have created a Tales Of Ryllia Facebook Page!

I’ll be posting updates and cool pieces of news on there as well as it’s an easy way to keep updated when I post a new blog post. I’m super new to Facebook but I’m ready to take this new approach so let’s do this!

Secondly, as you all know I’ve been preparing to move over the past month and therefore blog posts have been few and far between. I haven’t been very focused on writing because I had so much on. However I’m finally moved!! It’s weird how after only a few days this place already feels like home, but that partially because I’ve put out all my books and dvds and it just looks so homely with all my friends (Friends as in books). Anyway I’m back and I’m ready to write!

My course ‘Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing’ begins next week so I’m super excited to begin that and hopefully have inspiration and learning to share with all of you!

I know this is a short post, but I thought I should update you all. Thanks for all the support I really appreciate it!

You guys are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~


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