Let’s Talk: For You

wingding. Let’s Talk: For You wingding3

Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey there Ryllian Recruits and Fellow Adventurers!

So today is a day, and in this day people celebrate an event I usually ignore and have never really taken attention to. Today is:


It’s a day in which lovers exchange gifts… or refuse to exchange gifts because they believe it to be just an event set up by shops to force people into buying stuff from them… or something like that.

It’s a day where those without significant others either cry by themselves, host a singles party or they just don’t care.

I have nothing against those who celebrate Valentines Day, but personally my family has never done anything special and I have never had a valentine anyway…

#foreveralone XD

Also, whenever I hear the word Valentine, I can’t help but think of the bad guy in Shadowhunters. He’s evil… although I’ve never read the books… and I’ve only watched a little bit of the Netflix tv show…and I’ve only watched the movie… but he’s evil… pure evil.


Although… I have to admit that the actor who played him in the 2013 movie adaption was… he was pretty good looking if I do say so myself. 😀 Although he almost gave off a Captain Hook feel… Once Upon A Time Hook? Maybe?

Valentine from Shadowhunters 2013 Movie
Hook from Once Upon A Time

Anyway, I went off on a tangent there, sorry about that. Now as you may know, I sometimes dabble in anime and manga (although I’m super picky about what ones I watch or read, cause I get bored easily). In Japan, Valentines Day is a little different from say America or Australia and places.

On Valentines Day in Japan, it is custom that only the women give chocolates to their special ones. Office ladies also give chocolate to their co-workers and sometimes also chocolate is exchanged between friends. From what I know, and I’m by no means an expert, chocolates given to co-workers and friends is different from the type that you give your lover or crush. The chocolate given to co-workers and such is given to show appreciation and thanks. Also one month later, on a day they have called White Day the men then give return gifts.

Personally I think this is sweet and I’d like it if Valentines was actually that. That way I would give chocolate to all those people who have helped me through the year as a way of thanks.

So today I’ve decided to thank you, the reader, for being here and helping me to achieve what I have. So here’s some chocolate just for you, unfortunately it’s only digital but I hope the thought counts. 😀


And if you don’t like chocolate or sweet things, I give you a cute plush penguin.


And if you don’t like chocolate or plush penguins *shocked face* then leave a message below with your twitter handle and I’ll find you something unique and I’ll tweet it to you! 😀

So it’s just for you, because you are awesome! You always will be and I love you! 😀


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~


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