Let’s Talk: 100 Followers! Thank you!

Hey there my wonderful Ryllian Recruits!!


So last night, at 11:19pm, as I sat bleary eyed thinking that I really should go to bed instead of watching random YouTube videos, I turned on my phone and checked my email notifications. And guess what! I just received my 100th Follower on Tales Of Ryllia. I am shocked, honoured and absolutely thankful for all of your help in getting me to this point!


I started this blog back in March last year, the year of 2016. I began this blog to share some new stories that I had created in the world that my brother had created “Ryllia”.’Tales of Ryllia‘ was merely a dream, a way to release the creativity while I was struggling in my personal life. Before that moment I never would have imagined starting stories like, The Street Urchin, Shifting Sands, The Raven’s Birth, etc.

 Now most of my stories, I have unfortunately not yet completed however I fully intend on finishing the first draft of each of these this year. In addition I’ve been working on ‘Sorrow’s Blade’ which I intend to finish, edit and publish this year!

I never would have gotten this far with out all of your support and constant feedback and likes and awesomeness. It was my creativity my dream that started this, but you guys made this a dreamy reality.


I have to thank a few of my most supportive followers who have commented, liked and been there for me all this time.

Akaluv (A.M.Bradley): Akaluv was one of the first bloggers I’ve ever connected with here on WordPress and honestly she’s been the most supportive writer friend. I’ve watched her struggle, overcome and grow so much. Her writing is fabulous, her advice helpful and her journey inspiring, (even if sometimes she denies she’s any good). Thank you so much Akaluv, you’re the best!

Nightsong (CreativeMinds101): Nightsong started following me and after checking out her stuff I found we had lots in common and her writing was amazing. She’s commented and liked my posts and honestly it’s been awesome connecting with her through our passions for writing. Thanks you for the support, Nightsong!

Angelina (WhereDragonsReside): Angelina is just an amazing writer and support for me and also started the ‘Gift of a Short Story’ from which ‘Luna Tide’ was born. Besides her blog has dragons in the name, you know she’s got to be awesome! Thanks for the inspiration, Angelina.

Stuart (ForgedFromReverie): A fellow fantasy writer and a gamer, Stuart has an amazing way of writing fantasy as well as other posts on games like Skyrim, etc. He’s made up lore, tales and musings which are always fun to sit down and be immersed in during a quiet moment. Thanks for being a follower Stuart.

Megan (Megan Higginson), K.J.Chapman (WriterlyBookishStuff), Kindra M. Austin (PeomsAndParagraphs)

There are just too many people to thank, I could go on listing tons of people but I just wanted to add a special thanks you to those who most support me. Thank you so much! You all mean so much to me and my writing has gotten better from just being around fellow writers!


I wanted to do something special for 100 followers but I haven’t a clue what to do other than thank you all over and over again. I never thought I’d get to this point, but I’m so happy you all liked my work enough to follow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thankyou!!!

If you have any idea’s how I should celebrate 100 followers on my blog, let me know!!!

As always, I’ll sign off with my classic ending! You guys are AWESOME!!



~ ❤ ~ wingding3  ~ ❤ ~

12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: 100 Followers! Thank you!

  1. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!!!!!!! Aww, thanks for writing such nice things about me :3 I love following your blog and reading your stories!! Keep at it, girl, because you got talent ^_~

    Liked by 1 person

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