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Hey guys!!

Yesterday I was nominated to undertake the “Rapid Fire Book Tag” (Pew pew pew XD )  by Nightsong over at CreativeMinds101.

Nightsong offers advice, writings and tags over on their blog and honestly it’s a very creative space over there, in fact it’s even in the name… 😀 I love that we’ve discovered each other on WordPress and I love exchanging advice and stuff with her.

This tag looks like tons of fun, though I only learnt about it from being tagged and it being featured on Nightsong’s blog. So from what I gather, it’s a quick succession of questions about reading and books. I for one love books, though at the moment I have little to no time to read, which is partially life forced and partially me giving myself too much to do.

Alright then… let’s exchange some fast paced question shaped bullets, hopefully I survive them all. XD


Ebooks or Physical Books?

Physical books, all the way. I personally don’t have a tablet and I also find I can’t focus as much when it’s on a screen. However, I also like supporting writers who only have Ebooks because usually new writers only release digital copies. So in those cases I still get a copy though I love physical books way more.

Paperback or Hardback?

I honestly don’t really mind, though some Hardbacks have that paper cover and it always gets torn and looks tattered… however I do love the feel of the hard cover. But I personally don’t think it matters to me, they both have the same words inside them. 😀

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?

For me, Online Book Shopping. I enjoy online shopping, especially since I’m in a small town and we don’t have tons of stores stocking different books. However I do think that in-store book shopping has introduced me to new series just cause I was looking along the rows and the front cover captured my attention among the rest of the books.

Trilogies or Series?

Series for sure, most of my favourite books are in series and where would I be if they didn’t keep releasing books? Aahh, more books… moooorrree. XD

Heroes or Villains?

Villains can be awesome, in my own writing sometimes my hero is a kind of villain or I secretly love the villain. However you can’t go past a good hero as long as they aren’t too noble or too ‘I save the world therefore I am awesome’. I enjoy down to earth heroes. 🙂

A Book You Want Everyone to Read?

Oh gosh, we are getting into hard questions here… I don’t know, everyone has such different tastes. Everyone should read… hmm… Haha, I’ve been sitting here for a full ten minutes trying to think of a book and I thought of a way of getting around the questions so I’m going with it. I want everyone to read a book from a fellow blogger who may not have tons of reads. I want them to read and review and encourage that blogger. 😀 There you go question avoid- I mean answered. XD

Recommend an Underrated Book.

I’m going to name a series instead of just one book because the book isn’t a stand alone and you have to read the entire series. It’s underrated as not many people have heard of it… not that it has bad reviews but I like it. Also it’s a manga… which is still a book in my opinion so…

Skip Beat! By Yoshiki Nakamura

These are all the same person, Kyoko Mogam. She’s an actress & AWESOME!!

I am in love with these books! ❤ I’ve got the hard copies and I literally love looking at them lined up on my shelf. The plot may seem simple to readers at first but the more you read the deeper and better the plot gets. Kyoko Mogami is the main character and she’s a little fireball sometimes but I love that sort of character. Someone who is strong but messes up but then gets over her problems. All the characters are awesome too, so check it out. Also it is a manga so lots pictures and the artwork is incredible! It also has an anime that covers a little bit of it, but barely any… so reading the books is a must!

The Last Book You Finished?

As I said, I haven’t read much for a while, but the last book I read was in fact:

The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas from her Throne of Glass series.


Weirdest Thing You Used as a Bookmark?

Funny story actually, I have used my foot as a book mark… I was reading a book but I also had to cook dinner. So I was in the kitchen and I had to open the fridge to grab some stuff but there was nothing to use as a bookmark. So with the book on the bench, my leg on the bench as it’s bookmark, I reached across to open the fridge and remove objects. I then had to maneuver my body as my leg was on the bench and thus I wasn’t very steady. Anyone walking in at that moment would have thought I was training to be a ballerina or something. XD


You should know by now that I’m a strange person… anyone else would have just gone and grabbed a bookmark from another room, not me!! I make things difficult and strange for myself.

Used Books, Yes or No?

Yes. I have old books of my mum’s and family and they have a certain book smell which I like (its not gross but old bookish) and feel the love that they had for the book that I now treasure.

Top Three Favorite Genres?

Fantasy, Adventure & Mystery

Borrow or Buy?

Buy!!! You buy it and it’s yours forever! I love seen my collection grow and having the entire series makes me feel so happy for some reason. I also sort them into genres on my shelf, its therapeutic.

Characters or Plot?

Characters, I think. Plots are also important, we all know that, however the characters are the ones who carry the plot. If the characters are annoying I can’t stand the book, even if the plot is quite good.

Long or Short book?

Medium? I don’t like super long ones cause I feel like I’ll never get through it but short books are sometimes rushed and too short… therefore I like medium books. 😀

Long or Short Chapters?

Medium? Haha, I guess short because it keeps me going and I can usually fit in one more chapter that way before I need to do life stuff. 😀

Name the First Three Books that You can Think of. 

Do they need to be completed cause two of the books I just thought of some aren’t finished yet… Oh well it doesn’t say otherwise so, at the time I was thinking blog and thus I thought of bloggers books.

Clash of Tides by Akaluv i.e. A.M.Bradley – [This book isn’t released yet but Akaluv has been writing it and I’m sure it’ll come out… can’t wait! Ahhh!]

Deity’s Soulmate by Angelina Kerner i.e. Where Dragons Reside [1st Edition of this book was released but Angelina is working on a revised version and will be releasing it into the world soon]

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan [This one is released…a whole series in fact. XD ]

Books that Make You Laugh or Cry?

I love books that make me laugh, I like feeling happy. However if a book makes me cry with an emotional plot turn, I like it too… though not when I’m around others… I like crying when no-one is around and I have snacks nearby and my plush penguin.

The last book that made me laugh and also cry was The Assassin’s Blade.

Our World or Fictional Worlds?

Fictional World all the way, honestly I’m more in love with fictional worlds than our world. However I do like some aspects of our world, but I always wish something in the fictional world would become real in the real world.

Audiobooks: Yes or No?

I’d go with Yes… when I can’t be bother focusing on the words and it’s not really a book I’m interested in, then it helps me concentrate. However if the Audio book is voice acted with different actors playing different people, like in a movie, I quite like listening to the characters come to life.

Do You Ever Judge a Book By its Cover?

Book wise, yes, definitely. I want an exciting and awesome cover otherwise I won’t pick it up. If it’s just has a swirly word art cover, I usually pass over it. I think my inner child makes decisions on book covers, it has to have an awesome scene or character on the front. XD

Book to Movie or Book to TV Adaptation?

Book to TV Adaption… as long as they don’t drag it through to four seasons. I like my series shortish and to the point with it all wrapped up nicely. Otherwise I tend to lose interest. Short series like the “Pride and Prejudice 1995” edition by BBC, is what I’m in love with movie length episodes with all the information and character. 🙂

Series or Standalone?

Personally I love series, especially when I get all the books lined up! But again, not if they continue going for seventy years and you just want everything to be tied up nicely and finished.  Stand alone books are great too, but a series has a certain charm to them for me.

Well that’s all of the questions!

I think I’m dead… I wasn’t very quick to fire back… some of my answers were long. Not very ‘rapid fire’ if you ask me. XD


Thanks to Nightsong for nominating me again for this, it was so much fun to answer all these book related questions!

I NOMINATE THE FOLLOWING WONDERFUL PEOPLE!! (I don’t know if people have already done this so if you have just link it to me in the comments cause I’d love to read.)

Angelina Kerner – Where Dragons Reside

Kindra M. Austin – Poems and Passages

Cameron – Illuminate

Stuart McEwan – Forged From Reverie

Well that’s all from me for now!

You guys are epic, amazing and awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~


10 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Book Tag

  1. Haha, I enjoyed reading this. I also love series and growing my book collection. Thanks so much for mentioning Clash of Tides :3 I’m so happy you like the story. I plan to update it soon.

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    1. I know, I can’t wait to read it when Akaluv is ready share it with us! 🙂 Seeing lesser-known books in the blogging community just makes me so excited and I love supporting them. 😀 Thanks for commenting, Sarah. 🙂

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