Let’s Talk: Fear & Change

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Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey there wonderful people!

It’s actually been a while since I last did a Let’s Talk or at least it feels like it’s been a while. So take a seat, grab a drink, get yourself a block of chocolate and hug a pet or plush animal of some sort and settle down for a heart to heart chat. XD


So some of you may have noticed the lack of on-time blog posts, or the lack of content being released at all. I’ve released the first two parts of my short story, Luna Tide, and a  couple of other bits and pieces, however not much else has been written.

Currently my life has been hectic to say the least, I have so much happening and it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. My blog has been my main focus for the last year and it has allowed me to become more creative, share my work and honestly helped me combat depression through a hard time in my life.

I don’t usually talk about serious things like depression and things since I’m honestly more positive kind of person. It’s weird to say but on the outside and to others I’m positive and happy, however inside, in my personal time, I’ve faced fear, uncertainty and anxiety.


It’s just a time of change… big change. I’ve never faced so much stuff happening in such a small amount of time. If you haven’t seen my other posts, I started 2017 off with a plan to apply for a writing course for this year. I ended up deciding to apply for a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. So I went to an interview and passed their tests with flying colours and was accepted into the course. I was so excited! However it was a sudden decision and everything moved quickly. I thought I’d study and then suddenly I’d been accepted and it was a happening thing. It was kind of crazy…


I currently live two and a half hours away from where I’m going to be studying, and since it is a full time course ofcourse I’ll be moving. I’ve never moved before, because circumstances left me with only temp work and nothing steady enough to rent my own place. I only know four people in the new town, I’m moving to and it will all be new.


“But people move to the city and away to study all the time, it’s nothing new, Shadow.”

I know that, but it scares me so much. I’m not only scared though, I’m super dooper excited. I’ll be making more writing friends and connecting with those in my class. I’ll be part of a new community and it will be doing something I love. That still doesn’t mean that I don’t wish I just had Howl’s Moving Castle… it would make things much simpler.


So my absence or let’s just call it a partial-absence, is not on purpose but for a combination of reasons.

  1. I’m trying to find a place to live and I have to do that in less than a month! :S
  2. I’m packing my belongings and figuring what I’ll need to buy over there.
  3. Organizing student support & deciding if I’ll need a casual job on the weekends.
  4. Dealing with a family thing that annoys me to no end. (urgh)
  5. Being ill (I really need to stop getting sick and being in pain)
  6. Writing a script – I’m writing a funny script for a friend who lives oversees and is having a hard time with work… so me and my brothers are going to make a video for him.
  7. Etc. XD

So if I don’t seem to be very active, I’m still here… just super busy!! I also get around to other peoples blogs super late, so I’m sorry if I like your stuff two days after you post it. XD Well I have to go and get some other stuff done, but I hope this update interested you?? I dunno. 😀

As always you guys are AWESOME!!!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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