The gift of short story for SHADOW SUMMIT

Angelina made this story after I gave her this synopsis, be sure to go over and check out more of her work!
Synopsis – “A kings warrior is sent to capture and kill a known traitorous sorcerer, but the target turns out to be the kings nephew, the warriors former friend and the heir to the throne. Suspicious towards the reason he was sent on the mission, the warrior decides to investigate the situation further. Is his king in the wrong or has his old friend truly changed? Either way, his loyalty is about to be tested.”
It’s absolutely amazing! Thank you, Angelina for making this for me!

Angelina Kerner

The King’s Nephew

A foul curse escaped my mouth as I was barely able to hang on to the cliffs.

That was a close call. I maneuvered myself to a ledge and pulled myself over. Heaving slightly, I laid down for a break and shielded my eyes from the scorching sunlight.

My sword never felt this heavy before and I was angered at my king for sending me to find that traitorous bastard of a sorcerer. The king told me that there would be lands given to me upon arrival with his head in my bag. I needed those lands so my daughter would finally have a dowry. I couldn’t wait till my wife would stop her nagging. She thought she was marrying a warrior with enough lands for his children, not a warrior who had mere acres for himself and her. Greedy woman.

Quickly and carefully, I got back…

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