The King of Thieves

wingding. The King of Thieves wingding3

Poem by Shadow Summit

He’s the king of thieves

The prince of mischief

There’s always something up his sleeves

His flirtation with lawfulness is brief


Gold is like a tempting beacon

Jewels the only thing he yearns

This want doesn’t seem to weaken

In his veins this craving burns


He eats food from the Kings table

Drinks the finest wine from a royal’s lip

Those around him say he’s more than able

To hold all their riches in his grip


So as the sun rises in the east

He stumbles home with tired eyes

He sees himself as a beast

A beast that no longer has any ties


For beyond the sneering smile

Behind that fancy stolen robe

Is a man who had to walk a mile

Just to have an existence on this globe


He says he has no ties to the past

Just endless riches and power

He only hopes his luck will last

Too soon comes his final hour


However he knew the pain of having nothing

To have no riches to his name

To only yearn to chew on something

For a scent that wasn’t the stench of feral game


His family abandoned him long ago

Everything he loves always leaves

All he makes is endless foe

Such is the life of the King of Thieves

Hey guys,

So I was finishing up a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) session and was inspired to create this poem about a thief.

You guys are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~


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