Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Hey everyone,

Well, it’s 2017 and boy I can hardly believe that 2016 has passed so quickly. I greeted 2017 by… well I was fast asleep actually. XD I know that’s pretty uninviting of me and I hope it doesn’t hold it against me. I just appreciate rest far too much. πŸ˜€


Alright so I feel that part of the tradition for New Years is to look back at the year before and also tell of plans for the future.

Firstly however, I’ve got to apologize for the lack of content recently. Like many others I had family in town over Christmas and when you have three nephews who seem to adore you to no end, there is no escape. XD Literally escaped to my room to write but one of them has learnt how to open doors. O.O But you Β have to forgive them cause they are so adorable.


Now… 2016. Many people viewed it as a terrible year, others succeeded and perhaps it wasn’t so bad after all. I mean people can’t complain about it if they had a good year, thus those with a bad year seem to be the only ones you see on social media… and they’re complaining.

Personally my year of 2016 was… not great. Haha… cue the complaining pronto. XD

I won’t go too much into my personal life but it wasn’t good i.e. terrible. Worst year of my life really. I don’t really talk about it but I’m prone to depressive feelings, I don’t like to say I have depression but I guess that is what it is, even if it is just minor.

As for writing, I honestly didn’t think I’d achieve what I achieved this year. For this I can only thank all of you, my readers and followers. If I hadn’t started a blog and been able to connect with other writers I would never have achieved all that I have. I started this blog March 2016! I have recently just hit 80 followers on WordPress and although sometimes I wonder why that number is so few when other blogs have grown so quickly… well I don’t want just followers. I want people who honestly support my work and that’s what my followers i.e. you guys do. So THANK YOU!!


Since 2016 is now in the past, I will not linger on it too much. Because honestly… that’s so last season. XD

Now I’ve talked about my plans for 2017 in previous posts but here is a dot point reveal of what I plan to achieve this year. This includes personal goals and also writing goals.

  1. Enrol and attend a Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing course – I’m super excited for this one, though I wish educational institutes would get back to you. Ergh but that’s another story. XD
  2. Move house – I have to do this anyway to study, but I’m really excited to have my own area. Though it will mean a lot of work for me.
  3. Publish a blog post every second day on WordPress – Because I love writing. ❀
  4. Like and comment on every blog I read – This is because I know how important support is for writers and I want to be able to support others. Even if bigger writers may not notice, I think we all have a voice and sometimes all a person needs is a pleasant comment to brighten their day. ❀
  5. Get a passport – I want to travel and the first step to doing this is getting a passport.
  6. Finish, edit and publish a book – This is a big goal, but I hope that I can achieve it. I’m passionate about my writing and honestly a writer’s dream is to become a paid author isn’t it?
  7. Exercise more – Don’t get me wrong, I’m not currently living unhealthily, however the benefits of a healthy diet and body is important. I want to be well enough to complete all these tasks I’ve set myself and I can’t do that if I’m unwell like I’ve been this- I mean last year.
  8. Find a man – Okay, okay, so this one I’m not exactly serious about. XD But what kind of person doesn’t want to find a person who will love them for who they really are and will be by their side for all the journeys that life throws your way. So if I’m blessed with meeting someone then I’d be grateful. ❀
  9. Thank you all more – You are all the reason why I’m here on WordPress. I know it’s cheesy but you’ll have to put up with it cause you are all amazing.

I’m sure there are more, but I don’t want to bore you all with tons of information that may or may not come true. πŸ˜€

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope to see you all grow with me over the next year!

As always, you guys are awesome!!






10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I hope that 2017 will be better for you! and you have great goals. I especially like- find a man- πŸ˜‰

    You’ll soon start giving us other writers, writing tips! I have faith that you’ll publish your book. I’ll buy it for sue. ^_^ oh will leave a review!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Stayed excited. It will motivate you to actually do it lol

        You should post more about your book on here to get people interested. Interested people are always a good motivation to have in one’s pocket.

        Liked by 1 person

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