Fruity Surprise!

Hey my beautiful readers!

Today I’m going to bring you a snippet of a short story I’m writing for a friend of mine.

I also want to involve you guys in the process!

My friend runs a cafe by herself which she has named “One Wild Apple” so I decided that I wanted to create a book by the same title for her. She works harder than anyone I know and she’s still young but running her own business. She’s inspiring, that is what I’m trying to say.

The story is going to involve sprites (fairies or whatever you want to call them) but they are going to resemble different fruits. Thus the main character Wylde Appel, resembles of course an apple. She is a rebel, nature lover and wants to help others but is judged because she is different. Wylde tries to change to get closer to some of the other ‘fruit’ but in the end she discovers that being yourself is much better than being someone you aren’t. I hope that makes sense anyway!

So how can you help? Well, please tell me your favorite fruit below and then describe how you would ‘humanize/fairyize’ that fruit. What would they look like?

As always you guys are awesome!


Sharp emerald eyes watched a rabbit as it hopped lazily next to a running creek that bubbled with a merry tune. The creature that the emerald eyes belonged to was hidden behind the leaves, making sure to stay hidden to any eyes watching for them. The creature was hiding in the final apple tree of the grove and her eyes darted around the area in front of her.

With the rabbit disappearing into the woods on the right of her, the creature emerged from their leafy cocoon. The creature turned out to be a sprite with bright red hair, like the skin of a perfectly ripened apple. A red soft petal dress, which was almost the same colour of her hair, wrapped around her tiny frame and a dew-drop jewel sat prominently on a vine belt. Thin silvery opaque wings fluttered as she flew in a beeline for the shimmering surface of a creek. As she flew just above the surface she dipped her fingers in the water. The clear cool liquid rippled behind the path of her fingers.

She suddenly swerved to avoid colliding with a dragonfly.

“Watch where you’re going!” the dragonfly yelled at her.

“Sorry, Trevor!” she called back as she continued along the creek.

“She’s past the border again,” the dragonfly said as his mate flew by.

“Well that’s hardly unusual,” his mate replied.

“Well…yes, but she’s not supposed to.”

“But that’s never stopped her before.”

The sprite continued along the creek bed until she came across a fallen tree trunk. The trunk was hollow and bark was crumbling slowly to the ground. The top of the log was covered in green moss, which looked bright green in the morning rays.

The sprite darted into one end of the log and her wings flattened onto her back. Her bare feet touched ground and she began striding into the darkened interior. A pair of glinting red eyes suddenly appeared in the darkness and then pounced towards the sprite. A sticky mucus spread across her face as a tongue licked her cheek.

The sprite lifted up her hands to protect herself from any further attacks and fell onto the floor giggling.

“Urgh Francis, stop! It’s good to see you too,” the sprite said cheerfully.

The creature who the tongue belonged to jumped off and then sat at her feet.

The creature was half the size of the sprite and was shaped like a hound. Pointed wings protruded from its shoulders but one was torn in half. An unusually long tail swept the ground behind it and the red eyes watched the sprite excitedly.

“Who’s a good boy?” The sprite asked the hound, removing a snack from a fold in the dress.

“I know who isn’t being a good girl,” a male voice called from the darkness. “What are you doing here?”

The sprite gazed into the darkness as another sprite figure emerged from it.

The sprite was male and a yellow studded vest accentuated muscles arms as they crossed over each other. His pointed ears had several piercings and above each of his eyes was another set of silver rings. His hair was a dark green Mohawk that looked hardened from the amount of gel the male sprite was using. Two slim daggers were sheathed at a vine belt at his waist and he looked at the female sprite seriously.

“Just coming to visit, everything is so boring at home,” the female sprite answered. “How are you, Pyne?”

“My day just took a turn, also where is your anklet?” The male sprite returned, sternly.

“In my pocket. I don’t need to wear it all the time. It’s annoying.”

“Annoying? It just sits on your foot, how is it annoying.”

“But it gets caught on things,” the female sprite complained.

Pyne stepped further into the light and pointed to his own foot. A vine band was wrapped around his ankle a long silver bead gleamed on one side. Etched into the metal was a pair of crossed daggers with a mountain range behind it.

“This marks who I am, and who my family are,” Pyne said. “But I can also admit that it is annoying when trying to escape Water Fiends.”

Water Fiends were tricky creatures that had vine-like bodies that wrapped around anything they could find. They then drew their prey into the water to meet a rather watery end.

As for the anklets they had a seal that indicated what each individual sprite did for work and what linage or family they descended from. Every sprite was required to wear one and there were to be no exceptions. ‘The Main Tree’, the center of the sprite realm, had a magical connection to each band so that the magical leaders could check on where everyone was. They said it was to protect everyone, but Wylde found it annoying and honestly an invasion of her privacy.

“Must be hard,” the female sprite returned, with a grin. “So how can I help around here?”

“Wylde Appel,” Pyne growled warningly. “You know you’re not supposed to be here. I won’t allow you to stay, even if you beg.”

The young female sprite just grinned and danced across the width of the log. Francis followed her with a wagging tail and adoring eyes.

Pyne, with the full name Pyne Appel, was her cousin and although his outer looks were scary, Wylde knew that he had a wonderful mix of sweet and sour attitudes.

“There’s evil everywhere, you should know that. You are a warrior, protector of the clan, after all,” Wylde stated, crossing her arms in a mimicking manner. “I would be just as safe in my room as I am right here.”

Pyne sighed with frustration but shrugged and motioned for her to follow him.

(To Be Continued)



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