Sorrow’s Blade – Front Cover

Hey there guys!

The latest chapter of Shifting Sands is taking longer than I thought it would to write it. (My brain is still slightly fried from NaNoWriMo) The chapter will be up in two days instead of today like I planned. Sorry in the delay in my different stories, I plan on getting back into it but as usual life gets in the way sometimes. 🙂

So onto today’s post.

Recently for NaNoWriMo I got a front cover designed and created by the talented Sicarius8 over on Deviantart for my hopefully next year release Sorrow’s Blade. She is a talented artist who makes beautiful artwork ranging from original character designs to book covers.

So with no further delay I present to you the front cover!

sorrow's blade book cover (1).jpg

I’m super pumped to try and get this work self-published/published next year and I can’t wait to share more about Sorrow’s Blade next year. 🙂

Sorry about the short post, but I think I’ll let the picture speak for itself. Feel free to ask me about it or give feedback. I always reply and I would love to hear from you all!

As always you guys are awesome!



5 thoughts on “Sorrow’s Blade – Front Cover

    1. Thank you very much, Akaluv! The artist did a great job and it’s so exciting to see everything come together. It also helps inspire me to continue writing it too. Can’t wait to share it eventually! Thanks! ❤


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