The Prey

This is part two of a two part story. If you haven’t already, please read the first part ‘The Beast’ first. Otherwise I hope you enjoy! ❤

Bright green eyes shone confidently under long dark lashes and the long pupils made them look almost cat-like. Long black curls framed her face and fell down over the back of a chair. The owner of the green eyes and raven hair was a beautiful woman, her form tall and slender. She was reclined on a wooden chair and her legs were crossed in front of her. Her fingers tapped the wooden arms, her well-manicured fingernails shone in the lantern light.

A small grey creature, with a long bushy tail was wrapped around her shoulders like a scarf. The creature was much like a squirrel or ferret and its beady eyes gleamed the reflection of the lanterns. The woman reached up to tap it gently on the nose and uncrossed her legs. The creature spoke in a hushed tone and she nodded thoughtfully.

“Bring him to me,” a woman ordered, her voice clear and confident.

 The creature scampered from her shoulder and slid out of the door. The room didn’t have any windows and the only exit and entry was a singular door. The walls, floor and room were all made out of stone slabs and every sound seemed to be amplified. The woman sat quietly and she watched the door impatiently.

Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to wait long before the creature returned and ducked around the door. It hid behind the open door and the woman’s lips twisted into a wicked smile.

“Well, then, let’s have some fun,” she whispered.

She then snapped her fingers and the lanterns fizzled and were extinguished. The woman purposely tucked her hands behind her back and slouched forward. The room was filled with darkness and silence, and then she waited.

A large beast shuffled into the room slowly. He entered the room, moving nervously as if expecting something to jump on him in the dark. The door slammed shut behind him, and the beast flinched. It was obvious that he was scared… so deliciously scared.

The beast was indeed hideous. He had matted fur covering it enormous body, and it paws had savagely long nails curving out of them. The beast had a short wolf-like snout and fangs protruded from between his lips.

He was utterly gorgeous, by far her best work yet. Forcing the wide grin from her face, the woman lowered her eyes. Clearing her head, as if preparing for an acting role, the woman let out a long breath.

“Have you come to torture me once again?” the woman asked, making her voice shake.

The beast turned his ugly head towards her, as if only just noticing her presence in the room.  She watched as the beast studied her with both curiosity and trepidation. He had only ever seen her as she hid in the shadows and watched from a safe distance.

The woman had first seen him wandering the forest with two others, but he was seperated ways. His amber eyes had intrigued her, and his face seemed to have a constant smile. To transform that handsome face and smile into a thing of hideous ugliness, was too tempting to her.

His transformation had been painful and long, with periods of delirium and fevers. He had lain on the moist forest floor, clawing at his own face as fur sprouted and fangs tore his gums.

Now he stood before her, after being rejected by his family and friends. She had brought him here, where the true transformation would take place. Turning that pure heart into one drenched in hatred and evil, would be her greatest joy.

“You’re an ugly, cruel and terrifying beast. Even the light hides from your hideous face,” the woman said, curling her words into scarring insults.

The beast reacted by letting out a low rumble from his throat. He remained by the door, scared and unsure. This beast was all bark and no bite, but the woman would change that.

The woman sniffled and sobbed out loud, hiding a smile as she saw his ears prick at the sound. She couldn’t cry, because she was enjoying this way too much, but she could act out the victim.

 “I’m sorry,” the woman said, in a quiet whisper. “Don’t hurt me.”

The woman dipped her head forward, curls tumbling around her head. The beast paused, his gentle heart couldn’t help but feel concern for a crying woman. A woman could twist any man’s feelings with a few crocodile tears. The beast moved forward his movements sideways like a monkey. He was reaching towards her and she could see his hooked claws in the corner of her eye sight. The beast shuffled forward cautiously, reaching out his claws slowly towards her.

The beast was trying to fight his own instincts to comfort her, his suspicion and also his own knowledge of his own repulsive body. His hand dropped and the woman brought her knees up. She would act vulnerable… for now.

“I’m sorry,” the beast finally spoke.

His voice was low and raspy, and it seemed to echo around the room. The woman shivered, the sound like music to her ears. Her own reaction to the sound however was a loud crying sound that she had witnessed many other woman use.

The beast flinched back, covering his ears with his claws. She let out another volley of loud cries and she pushed back in the chair. He looked so damn conflicted. Her high pitched screams of terror rang across the stone walls like a banshee wail.

“Shut up! Shut up!” the beast roared.

The woman felt his breath blow on her head as he yelled and she stopped yelling. She innocently curled up as the beast began to nervously pace the room.

“I’m sorry,” the woman sniffled.

“What?” the beast snapped, instantly flinching at his own voice.

He stepped closer and she twisted the ends of her hair.

“I said, I’m sorry,” the woman responded.

The beast looked so relieved the moment the words left her lips. His gruff appearance relaxed slightly, and he paced more in thought than nervousness. The woman couldn’t help but chuckle, knowing full well that this was only the beginning of his torture. The beast froze as the woman continued to laugh.

“You are so innocent, yet so incredibly horrible looking. You are perfect,” the woman spoke in utter enjoyment. “Even though your mind wants to help, your body is the only thing others will see.”

Oh, she had the beast’s attention now. He had experienced his family’s fearful eyes and threatening words. The beast surely hated himself right now, hated his body and his life. Now all the woman had to do was turn that self-hate into untamed rage.

The woman got comfortable, crossing her legs and drawing the hair back from around her face. She allowed the sly smile to return and her green eyes watched her prey.

The woman clicked her fingers and the lanterns flickered to life around the room. The grey tailed creature from earlier, dashed forward from where it had been watching since closing the door. The creature wrapped around her neck and rubbed its head affectionately against her neck.

“You were such a handsome human too. Are you angry? Angry at those who ran from you, screaming in terror? Are you angry at your parents, who threw you away like trash?” the woman asked, her eye sparkling with enjoyment.

“Why should I be angry?” the beast answered.

“Well, you think you know people, but they run when you aren’t your handsome self.”

“I would run from me too,” the beast answered evenly. “I’ve been turned into a beast, a beast so hideous that even dragons would turn their faces from me.”

He was actually trying to fight against her! His attempts were actually quite cute really.

“Perhaps, but I love you this way,” the woman purred. “Even I shivered when I first saw you.”

“I do not need, or want your love,” the beast returned, his nose sneering.

The beast was right. People rarely loved her, but she’d make sure she was number one. A beast needs a master after all. A master they can be loyal to.

The woman noticed several droplets of blood drop from the beast’s clenched fist. The smell was intoxicating and her eyes flicked from his blood to his amber eyes.

“Have I angered you, my dear beast? Do you wish to hurt me?” the woman asked, with a twisted grin.

“I am upset, but I would never hurt anyone,” the beast said firmly with a growl.

Never. Never was such a strong word, but people rarely mean it, they rarely keep their vows. It was time for the beast to break his own pure morals.

“Not even if you are defending yourself?” the woman hissed through her teeth.

The woman drew a sharp knife from its hidden position on the seat below her right hip. She dashed forward, years of hunting had taught her to be deathly quick. The woman didn’t want to kill him however and she slashed her blade into his shoulder.

The beast dodged her slower backhand blow and he scampered towards the door. Knowing full well that her pet had already securely locked the door, she took her time walking up behind him. He dodge past her as she struck at him, his fur brushing her arm.

 “Turn and fight me, my beast. You have the body of one, use it to your advantage!” the woman said.

“This is not my body!” the beast huffed, running to the other side of the room.

Denial. Denial was annoying. Denial delayed the inevitable end.

“It is now, you may as well get used to it,” the woman said, rolling her eyes.

“I am not a monster, although you seem to want me to be one,” the beast said, recoiling away from her.

Oh, so the young man had caught onto her plot quickly. She’d hardly been hiding it, but to see him try to resist her made her oddly satisfied.

“Ah, you are smart. If you understand, then please oblige me and lash back!”

The woman dodged forward her movements catching the beast by surprise once again. She struck at the same shoulder as before and was rewarded with a stream of hot blood from the wound. The beast howled and cowered close to the ground, nursing his injury carefully. The woman wiped the bloody blade, musing casually on how rich the colour of his blood was.

“Are you ready to fight?” the woman asked, flipping the blade.

The beast growled, but he didn’t lash out at her, he just stayed on one knee. He just didn’t react, not even a little. This game was starting to annoy the woman. She wanted to see the monster that was hidden inside the beastly outside.

“I’m afraid you’ll just have to kill me then, because unfortunately your magic has no effect on my heart,” the beast said. “I’ll never become like you want me to. So give up.”

He’d realized it had been her, he knew that and yet he didn’t try to get revenge on her. Her magic really had no effect?

“Is this a challenge?” the woman hissed.

“No, just the surrender of your prey, who is ready to accept their fate,” the beast replied calmly.

His calmness confused her, it was almost as if he was… confident.

“Very well,” the woman grinned, despite her apprehension. “But it will not be a quick death.”

The woman dodged forward. She would torture him into the beast that she knew was hidden inside his soul. After all, beasts aren’t born evil, they are trained.

The beast was looking extremely focused, however as she drew near he was yet to move. Was he intending to take her blows? How very heroic of him! However he would crack eventually.

Anticipating the sound of slicing flesh, the woman saw the beast tense. With only a second to spare the beast dodged from her path and her eyes widened. The beasts legs got tangled in her own and the chair, which had been hidden behind him, came up to meet her. The woman tried to twist out of the way, but her elbow slammed into the back of the chair. The chair was knocked over and the woman followed it down.

The woman gasped, as something cool and hard sank into her chest. It was like she couldn’t breathe, pain shooting across her ribs and one lung completely deflated. Her pet was licking her face, but all she could think of was to roll over. The pain was excruciating, so different from anything she’d experienced in the past.

It was so strange to look down at her breasts and find the handle of her knife protruding from it. It was surreal to see her body bleed and she wrapped her fingers around the knife handle. The woman yanked the blade from her chest, unsure if she was doing more damage in the process.

To her surprise she was brought back to reality, as the beast knelt beside her. The woman was confused by his actions, why would he run to help her. The beast was tearing her skirt and he was frantically putting pressure on the wound.

“Shit…shit,” the beast swore, his eyes wide with uncertainty.

It hadn’t been his intent to hurt her, the woman realized. He had merely wanted to escape her merciless rampage. The woman frowned, feeling blood well into her throat. She was angry, angry that he hadn’t tried to kill her while she lay prone.

“So it seems you ended up hurting me,” the woman said, spitting up her own blood.

 “I’m sorry, just hold on and I’ll try and stop the bleeding,” the beast said.

“Don’t apologize,” the woman ordered, with a sneer. “You’re not savage at all.”

She hated his compassion. She hated his gentle touch. She hated those hauntingly human amber eyes that gazed into her own with concern. She hated the ridiculous feeling that she deserved this. That she deserved death for causing this man to suffer.

 “You’re a beast,” the woman said, giving into the sweat numbness of pain.

“I know,” the beast answered simply.

To her surprise lukewarm drips of liquid dropped onto her cheeks and she was pulled from her oblivion. Tears rolled down the side of the beast’s snout and continued to flow as she watched them almost mesmerized.

“You cry for your innocence, for I do not deserve your tears,” the woman said, with a sigh.

Those amber orbs met hers, but the beast didn’t speak. Instead he continued tearing fabric from her clothes in an attempt to stem the flow of blood.

“Don’t you want to see me suffer, I have tortured you after all,” the woman said.

“Nobody deserves to be killed,” he responded, his gruff voice soft.

“Not even me?” she asked doubtfully.

He was hesitating and she watched as his own inner battle showed through his eyes. She was most definitely not worth saving. Death would become her well.

“Even you,” he confirmed in a whisper.

The woman raised an eyebrow and smiled weakly. She reached up, her blood mixed with his tears as she ran her hand along his cheek bones.

He was truly beautiful. There was little beauty in the world. She had been raised to hate anything beautiful and to destroy it. For something this beautiful would soon destroy you. That was what her family always trained her to believe.

“To think I was defeated by you,” the woman muttered. “I wanted to break you, but it seems your heart and soul are far too strong.”

Her body was weakening and with that so was her magic. The room was crumbling, the stone walls had been formed from dust, it would return to it. The woman watched as the beasts eyes widened watching the room disintegrate around them.

“We have to get out of here,” the beast said urgently.

The beast kneeled to one knee and moved to hook his arms under her body. She fixed a glare onto her face and focused her eyes seriously on him. The grey creature was curling tighter around her neck. They would not be leaving.

“I will not be leaving this place, but you, you are free to leave,” the woman informed the beast. “You will never be a beast. You were pure hearted from the beginning, so much so, that when I saw you I felt challenged to break you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, we can discuss this later,” the beast growled.

He was fighting against her, fighting for her life, fighting for her. For the first time in her life she felt a soft longing enter her heart. To leave with him and to live a new life, it sounded like heaven. However, she didn’t deserve heaven and she was quite sure hell was waiting eagerly for her.

“They say a beast can be created, but in your case I don’t believe it is true,” the woman spoke slowly. “I will die here. I will be buried with my wretched castle.”

“No!” the beast yelled forcefully.

The woman soaked in his amber eyes and pure, heartfelt emotion. Underneath the cursed shell she had made him, those amber eyes haunted her. Clear and pure, no evil, no hate, just unclouded humanity. She was sure she’d be allowed to remember them. She would never forget him, not until the very bitter end that awaited her. As the beast moved forward to hold her, she cast a spell and disappeared from his sight.

The woman appeared in a tall tower of her castle and looked across the crumbling walls of her castle fortress. She leant against the frame of a large window and gazed down. Her blood which she had been making red with magic, now flowed black, like tar. She didn’t know why she had made it look red to the beast, perhaps she wanted to appear partially human, even if it was just in his eyes.

The woman spotted him emerge from the broken wall of the castle. She had returned him to his original form, no longer disguised as a beast. He was truly a handsome man, any woman would fall for him. Perhaps that was what it was all along, perhaps instead of wanting to inflict pain, she had wanted to fill his heart.

The woman snorted at her own thoughts, the pain was causing her to go delirious. She was a monster and he… he was her conqueror.

The black blood continued to flow from the wound at her side and her eyes became duller as she watched the man leave. He didn’t turn around and she didn’t want him to. For if he did, she may be tempted to try and escape her fate and that would be foolish.

The small grey creature around her neck spoke in hushed tones and the woman lifted her hand to pat its furry head. She sighed and let her hand move along its sleek body.

“It seems that my prey has outwitted me for once,” she whispered. “Too bad, I liked this one.”

The grey creature spoke again and this time the woman hushed it with a single lifted finger. Her pet seemed to fear for the man’s safety. A prey that wasn’t defeated, would always tempt bigger predators.

“I’m not sure, but I sense he may be an exception. However, my family are free to try and defeat him, which they surely will attempt to,” she spoke with a slight smile. “My prey will overcome their forces too, for he is strong.”

The grey creature licked her neck affectionately and her lips curled into a smile .

“Well, let’s face our fate,” she said cheerfully, turning on her heel.

As she turned to the rubble behind her, a line of shadows emerged from the thick dust. There were male and female figures, each of them beautiful and sophisticated. They seemed to ignore the destruction around them and instead looked directly at the woman with serious gazes.

“Hello, my family, it’s such a wonderful time for a reunion!” the woman said, laughing quietly.

Silence met her enthusiastic greeting and she gazed along the line of figures. No-one smile and not one of their gazes wavered. They had stopped moving and stood in a uniformly straight line. A woman standing in the middle of the line stepped forward once. She reached into the folds of her long garment and removed a shiny silver pistol. The barrel of the pistol was lifted through the air and pointed directly at the woman.

“This is goodbye, my friend,” the woman whispered to the creature at her neck.

The woman smiled and opened her arms wide as if ready to take flight on invisible wings. She closed her eyes and felt a warm tongue lick her neck gently. She imagined those amber eyes and muttered one final spell. Her family would never find her prey, he would be her prey and hers alone. The smile was genuine and didn’t fade as she stood and took her last breath.

The crack of a gunshot was the final thing that she heard, before falling lifeless to the rubble floors of her ruined castle.

Hey everyone!

As stated above this is part two of a two part story.

I liked writing these two stories/one story, although it’s a little different from what I usually write. I really enjoyed writing from the woman’s point of view. I dunno if I just like being a little bit evil, even if it is just for a little bit. Any questions feel free to ask, I would really appreciate feedback if you are willing to give me it. 🙂

You guys are absolutely awesome!



4 thoughts on “The Prey

    1. I hope it was good even if it was twisted and evil. :S
      The thought that sparked this was the thought that often evil guys/people in films are portrayed by ugly creatures or scarred humans. I wanted to show that we can’t judge people by their looks. We have to remember that looks don’t show the heart and soul of a person.
      I also wanted to show that people aren’t always just bad people but that sometimes their past or experiences form them into the people they are. Some people use these experiences to grow stronger and stick to a good path and others are sucked in and become that evil themselves.
      Well I hope that makes sense. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting, Akaluv! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love this. You hooked me in right from the beginning even though I hadn’t read the first part. I love how you also had a back story for your characters. The woman’s back story was deep considering the length of the piece, and it made you feel for her, as well as the young man. Well done. I only thing that noticed were some spelling errors, or rather, the wrong form of the word used in the sentence. Not to many though. I do love your writing. The fun thing about writing is that you can take on those characters and explore a side of you no-one will see. You have to dig deep though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Megan. As I commented above to Akalov, I wanted a deeper meaning behind the story and thus I loved delving into their personalities and personal stories.
      It was 11:00 when I was posting it, so my ‘editor’ was in bed. But I was reading it out and noticed the couple of mistakes, thanks for telling me. 🙂
      I love making deep plots and characters so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Your comments really encourages me so Thank You! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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