The Beast

wingding. The Beast wingding3

Short Story by: Shadow Summit

Bright green eyes shone confidently under long dark lashes; narrowed pupils made them look almost cat-like. Thick black curls framed her face and cascaded over the back of a chair. The green eyes and raven hair belonged to a beautiful woman, her form tall and slender. She reclined on a wooden chair, her legs crossed in front of her. Her fingers tapped the wooden arms; her well-manicured nails gleamed in the lantern light.

Wrapped around her shoulders like a scarf, lay a small grey creature with a long bushy tail. The ferret-like creature’s glassy eyes reflected the glow of the lanterns. The woman uncrossed her legs and reached up to tap the creature gently on the nose. It spoke in her ear in a hushed tone. She nodded thoughtfully.

“Bring him to me,” the woman ordered.

Her voice held a clear and confident tone. The creature scampered from her shoulder and hurried out of the single door of the windowless room. The stone slab walls and floor seemed to amplify every sound. The woman sat quietly and watched the door impatiently.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long before the creature returned and hid behind the open door; the woman’s lips twisted into a wicked smile.

“Well, then, let’s have some fun,” she whispered.

She snapped her fingers and the lanterns fizzled, as the lights extinguished, the room filled with darkness and silence. The woman purposefully tucked her hands behind her back and slouched forward. She waited.

To Be Continued

Hey everyone!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of “The Beast”.

The rest of this story is being published in “Painted Words 2017”, an anthology of several authors work, including mine.

You can also find this story from the secondary character’s point of view, by following this link.

The Prey

Hope you enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “The Beast

    1. I hope it was good even if it was twisted and evil. :S
      The thought that sparked this was the thought that often evil guys/people in films are portrayed by ugly creatures or scarred humans. I wanted to show that we can’t judge people by their looks. We have to remember that looks don’t show the heart and soul of a person.
      I also wanted to show that people aren’t always just bad people but that sometimes their past or experiences form them into the people they are. Some people use these experiences to grow stronger and stick to a good path and others are sucked in and become that evil themselves.
      Well I hope that makes sense. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting, Akaluv! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love this. You hooked me in right from the beginning even though I hadn’t read the first part. I love how you also had a back story for your characters. The woman’s back story was deep considering the length of the piece, and it made you feel for her, as well as the young man. Well done. I only thing that noticed were some spelling errors, or rather, the wrong form of the word used in the sentence. Not to many though. I do love your writing. The fun thing about writing is that you can take on those characters and explore a side of you no-one will see. You have to dig deep though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Megan. As I commented above to Akalov, I wanted a deeper meaning behind the story and thus I loved delving into their personalities and personal stories.
      It was 11:00 when I was posting it, so my ‘editor’ was in bed. But I was reading it out and noticed the couple of mistakes, thanks for telling me. 🙂
      I love making deep plots and characters so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Your comments really encourages me so Thank You! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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