NaNoWriMo – My Story

Hi guys,

The last few days I’ve been driving an hour and a half to work for a 9 – 5 job so today I don’t have any chapters to go up, instead I have been planning… in my half hour lunch break.

National Novel Writing Month is almost here in fact it is four days away and I only decided like a week ago that I was even doing NaNoWriMo. People sometimes take a month to prepare, others a couple of weeks and a majority just turn up on the 1st with no plan.

I have managed to plan, though, and it’s not much but I know it’s going to be good… hopefully. I have the name of my story and thirteen chapters roughly planned and when I say roughly I mean roughly!

Ok, firstly the name. this was a tough one but with the help of my good friend… i.e. my brother, I have managed to find the perfect name. Drum-roll please!


Sorrow’s Blade

It will be an adventure story… “You mean it’s not fantasy?” I know, shocking! I always do fantasy it’s in my blood, however despite it not being fantasy as such it is still going to be in a medieval setting. So my own world to put it simply.

Below is the synopsis/teaser/blurb: let me know if it sounds interesting!

Immigrant and orphan Assa Syn, who is living the life of a thief, is hired to assassinate, King Mark, the king of Alpania. After being smuggled into Alpania five years ago, Assa was separated from her new family and forced onto the streets. Assa Syn is a lone-wolf character who keeps her personal feelings buried deep inside her heart. However with her own personal grudge against Chief Summit adding to the motivation towards the assassination, she enters the castle, awaiting the perfect opportunity to strike. However things don’t go as smoothly as she wants and she begins to think there is more to this job than meets the eye. 

I’m also getting a book cover done so I can show you guys that too, but you won’t probably see the finished novel till it’s completely complete, which means after NaNoWriMo and after editing. XD


I don’t know what else to say because my brain is shutting down after a long day of work and driving. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Also if you are taking part in NaNoWriMo add me as a ‘Writing Buddy’ but only if you don’t mind me messaging you supportive messages like every single day of November. 😀

You guys are absolutely awesome, my Ryllian Army! Keep fighting!




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