Let’s Talk: Writer’s Workshops and Community

wingding. Let’s Talk: Writer’s Workshops & Community wingding3

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Hey everyone,

This weekend I’m going to be attending a Writer’s Workshop at a town near where I live. I’m super excited and can’t wait to connect with other writers, learn and share the creative spirit!

Living in a regional area has its downsides, especially when you want to connect with other writers or go to workshops and conferences. This weekend I’m driving an hour to where the workshop is being held and staying in a caravan park for the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to love having a holiday away from home to get some serious writing done and refill the inspiration tanks. I suppose it isn’t really that far when you say it, I mean it is just an hour but I know people who drive four+ hours just to attend these workshops.

The ideal place would have a writers group that met even just once a month to connect, share and support each other. These days it is easy to connect to other writers through the internet, and it is amazing. Sometimes however we want that face-to-face discussion and the friendships that blooms from sharing a common interest. At least that is what I want.

It is the same sort of thing with non-writer friends. I have a friend who lives overseas and we met through D&D. Having so much in common with someone you talk to online is the best thing that is available with today’s technology. However there comes a point when you think, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could talk in person? Go eat at that pizza place that they are always talking about!’ We are all social beings, even if we are shy and awkward sometimes… okay for me it’s a good majority of the time.

So how do you connect with fellow writers? Do you have any fellow writers that you can meet with to chat about writing and ideas?

As always, you guys are AWESOME!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Writer’s Workshops and Community

  1. I don’t know that many writers around me, sadly. Next year I’m hoping to connect with other writers, though. I was thinking about starting a WordPress Writers Skype group, but I haven’t decided yet. Well, to answer your question, I only connect with other writers online. Hopefully, I’ll change that by going to meetups and stuff.

    Have fun at the workshop =)

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    1. I’m the same, there is literally no groups or anything, not even at the local library, unfortunately. Oooh the Writer’s Skype idea is awesome! I’d totally join that. 😀 I’m planning to enjoy the workshop to it’s fullest, and emerge from my shy cocoon. 😛 ❤

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      1. Really? I live near San Francisco, so there is a lot of writing groups, but I need to join one. I’m happy you like the idea 🙂 I may do it one day when I have more time. Have fun at the group =)

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  2. I live close enough to the Los Angeles area that it isn’t an issue for me to get there. It’s probably a major area for writers (aside from New York) and there’s lots of events and stuff. The only problem is that I am super shy in real life and it makes me really anxious to go out into public places.

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