Let’s Talk: 50 Followers, Versatile Blogger Award & Upcoming Stories Progress

 Let’s Talk: 50 Followers, Versatile Blogger Award & Upcoming Stories Progress

Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey everyone,

So I just reached fifty follows and I couldn’t be more happy or grateful for all who follow my work and posts! You guys are awesome and I always say it at the end of my posts and I really mean it. I love connecting with others, especially when I live in the country and don’t have any friends who are as passionate about writing as I am. I feel like you are all my friends connected by the wonderful art of writing.


On another note I’m still ill, I sound like a gruff version of myself which is very smooth and cool and (yeah I’m lying I sound sooo groggy). So instead some thank yous, some updates and some artwork is in store!

Firstly: The Versatile Blogger Award

The wonderful Angelina from Where Dragons Reside has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! I’m so honoured that she thought of me and you should go and check out her blog.

She has a published novel called “Deity’s Soulmate” also which in my opinion is a great achievement and she’s amazing. Angelina also posts a bunch of other stuff which is awesome too. She does book reviews using 1-5 ‘Dragon Paws’ instead of stars and lets just admit who doesn’t like dragons.

Alright maybe the Dwarves and Lord of the Rings races don’t like dragons… but that was a bad dragon

So as part of the nomination I now have to share seven facts about myself, which is actually the hardest part of this whole post. I’ll try to be creative however so here we go.

  1. I have never taken public transport of any kind, no bus or taxi or train, none of them.
  2. I had a medieval themed party for my eighteenth and forced everyone to dress up. It was the best fun ever and I totally recommend it!
  3. I dislike crowds, I get super nervous and try to stay near the edge of the room. I hear it’s pretty common for shy people to hover near the walls of the room, is that true? Although at work, I can be in crowds and I’m absolutely fine. Maybe I’m just weird.
  4. I have bought ten books that I really want to read but haven’t had the time to so they are just sitting there. They are tempting but I have to ignore them if I’m going to get to my goals for the year.
  5. I have a dog named Zorro and although he’s had a few appearances on twitter I don’t believe I’ve introduced him here so here’s a picture.                                               wp_20161015_014
  6. I am called ‘Sammich Queen’ ie ‘Sandwich Queen’ by members of my ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ group, because I seemed to always have a sandwich at session. It is now a running joke amongst the group.
  7. I have written a series of stories however they will never be release as they are so cringy but I keep them cause they are the stories that got me into writing and were part of the journey to the me who now writes on this blog. Also I’m still attached to those character so…



Jay Colby

It’s supposed to be more but currently my brain is mush.

Secondly: Upcoming Stories and Progress

Okay at the moment I’m writing three projects. All of them I’m loving and although this cold has me totally blanking on words, the ideas are still flowing.

1. Shifting Sands

I’ve already mentioned Shifting Sands before but I’m in love with this story. I love Hasib, Fariha, the new character Muse…Argh so much love! ❤ But seriously this story is coming along nicely, I’m hoping to finish the first draft by the end of this year.

2. Lure of the Craton Mountains

This is my first romantic, innocent story and although it was supposed to be only a couple of posts long it grew a little out of control and now is a bit longer. Not as long as my stories, it is still a short story. The characters are down to earth with a little bit of mystery and there are still a few secrets to be revealed.

3. Luna Tide

This story is my gift short story for Angelina of Where Dragons Reside as we are swapping short stories since she is doing ‘A Gift of a Short Story’. Luna is the main character and is a herbalist and healer of an elven town. A natural tragedy strikes and separates families from each other. She must try to find her family, along the way meeting new friends, enemies and new side of herself. I’m so inspired for this one and although it was only supposed to be 4000 words long… I’m going to have to go over that amount. (Hope you don’t mind Angelina!) This one is due in November or early December so look forward to this one! ❤


Well that’s all for now! You guys are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~



10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: 50 Followers, Versatile Blogger Award & Upcoming Stories Progress

  1. Congrats on the 50 follows!

    wOW! I take busses and taxi’s all the time. So weird to see someone who never did public transportation but awesome at the same time.

    Cute dog. Belly rubs!

    I like the title for the short story ^_^ Let’s post in December. I got 6 stories to work on so I decided to post all of them in December. Almost done with 2.It’s cool if it’s longer. Since, I did it as a gift and didn’t know how many people would request a short story, I put a max limit. ^_^

    Liked by 3 people

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