Wait… What?

I don’t usually do posts like this but I’m very confused at the moment and need to rely on my beautiful WordPress writers to help me out.

Ok, so I need some help from those who may understand the follow thing on WordPress more than me. So I was rearranging menus on my blog and I decided to do the email sign up widget on in my sidebar. That’s not confusing, pretty straight forward really, however then I noticed the number of followers.


I’m so confused, do I have 48 followers or the 146 followers that the email one has… and why are they two separate numbers? Argh my brain. πŸ˜›

I would very much appreciate any feedback… XD

You guys are awesome (I truly mean it)!




16 thoughts on “Wait… What?

      1. It is. Maybe once I get more time I can look more into it. That’s pretty much what my job is – to investigate what’s going on with a software and help people with it.

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  1. 48 is the number of people following your blog with their WordPress accounts. The number beside the email list is your total number of followers aka your social media followers ( if you enabled that option), wordpress followers and email followers. If you didn’t enable the option to count your social media followers along with your blog followers then the 146 is your wordpress followers and email followers together. Hope it makes sense and it helps 😊

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  2. Sorry, buggered up with my phone thus the incomplete comment above.

    The larger number is indeed the total amount of followers you have across the board whereas the smaller number represents only those signed in with WP accounts.

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