Let’s Talk: Schedules

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Schedules, yup, we all have them.

Although not all of us have our schedules planned out and some of our schedules change so much that it’s impossible for us to make a hard copy ‘schedule’. Others feel the need to plan out every single detail, up to what’s happening each half hour.

I’m somewhere in the middle, I like having an idea of what I’m doing and when, but I’m also pretty spontaneous. Recently I’ve been thinking of making a hard copy schedule. I started a new temp job that requires waking up at6:30am and arriving home at 6:00pm. It’s like hell for any other plans I may have had with my weeks.

Now I know I have it pretty easy really, I have a friend who’s a cook and he literally works 6am – 2am the next day sometimes. That’s what I call hell!


Recently one of the bloggers I follow, Akaluv or A.M.Bradley made a post titled ‘Managing Multiple Social Media Sites For Writers’

Now I’m not going to repeat what she said in her post, but make sure you go over and check that out, however I have points on how to keep a schedule.

As a writer/blogger a lot of time is put into connecting with your readers both faithful readers and potential readers. If you have one site all good, if you manage two it gets a bit harder and more than that, well if you can manage it I bow to your supremacy.


Apart from working two jobs, I have my blog, I have Twitter, family commitments and a human body to look after.

Twitter is like a black hole, it sucks you in and then it’s hard to leave

I’m actually feeling a cold coming on right now (or it may just be because I’m overtired) yet I’ll keep going to work because until it hits I’m not going to let it defeat me. The only thing is I hope my co-workers just overlook the fact that I’m eating soup for lunches, bring a bottle of orange juice and refill my water bottle a hundred times.

Anyway, schedules help since it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the stuff you have in your head that you have to do. Writing it down, planning it out also helps you to organize your thoughts and feel less stressed.

Weekends are the best for planning, you get to do that washing that you’ve been putting off for a month, clean your house so that it feels fresh.


Write a chapter of your story or read a book. Ahhh, relaxation.


However there is also the social side of the equation that sometimes cuts into your time so much that you wonder where your weekend went.

Now I’m not saying to cut down everything and stress to keep on schedule, life is full of surprises and things rarely go as planned. However with a rough plan to can easily shuffle things around to accommodate new plans.

It’s the same with life, have goals and dreams and plan out what you want to do with your life. If a new dream comes along shuffle things around a little, or perhaps you don’t feel strongly about something anymore, then just cross it off your list.

Like when you were fifteen and wished to be an air hostess but then your brothers started watching Air Crash Investigations on TV…

Whether you schedule or just run with the flow of life, just do one thing, plan to follow your dreams!

You guys are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Schedules

  1. I like to know what my intentions are for any given day so on my days off I’ll make a note of some things I need to accomplish but never at the expense of the ‘freedom’ to do other things if the need should arise. Like yourself, I am somewhere in the middle.

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  2. Thanks for the reblog =) Yes, planning out schedules and days are hard, especially when you have deadlines to meet. Why can’t I just get paid to write full-time? Well, I guess I do get paid to write full-time, but it’s not fiction writing damn it!!

    Great post!

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