Let’s Talk: Bad Days

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Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Bad days, yup everyone has them, whether it’s one big moment or just a series of them, sometimes days just don’t go well.
Today was one of those days for me and I’m currently writing this at 7:30pm. As a result of many little things my scheduled post wasn’t ready and I’m more annoyed than I really should be. Annoyance, sadness, anger, happiness and disappointment all made an appearance today. Please, emotions, one at a time.
I embarrassed myself multiple times today. I also put hard work into something that a person tipped their nose up at and now I cry whenever I look at it.
Never in my life have I wanted to sit down and stuff my face with ice-cream more than right now. I may just do that after I finish typing this out.
A majority of the time I’m a happy person. I love my family, friends and writing. But there are times when I get down (like any other human being). It’s a gradual decline most of the time. I continue to make myself act happy until I break and end up curled on my bed eating ice-cream, watching the most funniest videos (that don’t take too much thought) that I can find on YouTube. Then I feel guilty because the reason behind my dip usually isn’t that bad.
I thought today however that there is such a weird reaction  about the showing of emotions in public. Believe me, I understand not wanting to cry in public. I’m not a pretty crier believe me, I don’t yell or scream or anything, but my eyes go red and puffy and I have to blow my nose every five seconds. However we shouldn’t feel bad about things if we just have a bad day and want to vent or cry or just eat that bowl of ice-cream. We shouldn’t have to hide it just because others think we should toughen up and stay positive and happy.
So if you feel like a cry, have a cry. If you want to order in even though your friend is having a party and they might look at you like your a recluse if you didn’t go, just order in! Your friend will understand if you tell them, because simply put…everyone has bad days.
There are people who will always be there for you. Sometimes their kind words will just make you want to cry, but not in a bad way. Those friends or family will bring you that tub of ice-cream or wrap you up in a fluffy blanket and read that book, that’s been waiting on your shelf, with you. They’ll make jokes that make you laugh because they are so corny or just sit quietly and listen to your favourite music artist.
I really don’t know what my full point of this post is, or if I even make any sense. It’s so different than what I usually write too. However if you need encouragement ever, just ask, because like you I have bad days too and sometimes you just need that listening, sympathetic ear.

I love you guys and you are all awesome!


P.S. If you are having a bad day, or even having a good day, here’s a bowl of ice-cream, you deserve it. 😀


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Bad Days

  1. There never needs to be a point to expressing your feelings either in public or by writing them down just to get some perspective. If it helps in anyway then I am glad you took the time to compose this. I hope you are feeling better now.

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