Just Write?

Okay guys,

I have a question.

For some reason I have a mindset that I can’t have too many Let’s Talks in a row and that I should release new chapters of my current stories before I write anything else…

However, what about if I can’t get inspired?

I’m a writer, it’s in my mind, blood and entire being. I don’t believe I could ever get bored of writing, however sometimes I can’t get inspired for the stories I have ‘on the go’. Breaks are important for writers and I understand that, but for some reason my brain says its bad.

pika confused.gif
It’s totally confusing! #needingadvice


I keep seeing writing prompts or pictures that inspire me to do short stories, like a blog post long. People have seemed to enjoy them in the past too. I’d be interested in writing these when I get inspired and sharing them with you.

So what do I do when I have this problem? Would my readers still stay around even if there are longer breaks between the story chapters but there is content in short stories and poems?

My brain is my best and worst friend sometimes.

Do any other writers struggle with the same thing? What do you all do to get over the writer block moments for some of your stories?

I know that its a lot of questions, but my mind is swirling and you guys always help.

You guys are awesome!

You guys make me so happy!


P.S. I’ve got some artwork getting made up too, should be able to show you all soon! ❤


3 thoughts on “Just Write?

  1. I struggle with this a lot. The reason is that I’m always busy working on something. However, I did just get through another writer’s block. To get out of it, I took a walk and listened to music. I find the best way to get out of writer’s block is by finding peace of mind. Chill, take a walk, listen to music, or read a book.

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  2. As for coming back for posts. I check your blog when you write a lot in a row almost daily but as you started to taper off in frequency I too start to check less frequently and I missed a couple of your posts like this one. I try and check the blogs I enjoy as much as possible but as they post less there l;ess on the for front of my mind I hope this helps a little

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    1. Thanks for commenting.
      Yeah, I’ve actually been quite sick lately, I’m hoping just because its winter here… Also I’ve been working and also applying for jobs. I didn’t want to bombard everyone with Let’s Talks about me being ill all the time. But since everyone seems to like the short story things I might end up doing that, between my other stories of course. 🙂 Thanks for the advice! I intend to start my schedule up again too but unfortunately I have to get better first.


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