wingding. Changed wingding3

Poem by Shadow Summit

The suffocating silence

The pungency of perfume

The knowledge of his presence

As he walked into the room


I bowed my jeweled head

Felt the fine cloth on my skin

I must be careful where I tread

I must be courageous for my kin


They say that I am lucky

That I should be so grateful

What an opportunity!

Yet I find it so hateful


He smelled of other women

Partied until dawn each night

Told jokes with all his soldiers

He always enjoyed a good fight


However I do not mind

I will be with him for life

Despite the faults that I find

For soon I will become his wife


He will never change his ways

Then I don’t plan to change mine

We can be separate for days

Honestly that would be fine


This marriage comes at a price

To release my captive clan

They’re saved by my sacrifice

All for marrying this man


Our eyes meet for a moment

He seems different than before

His smile wide with enjoyment

His clear eyes seem abnormal


He stands like a gentleman

Altered from a year ago

This wasn’t foreseen in my plan

Where is the man that I know?

Hey guys,

So what do you think of the above poem? And yes its supposed to end on a cliff hanger. 🙂

It is actually a teaser for a book I plan to write. I actually have three more rough story lines for future stories. I’m so pumped, but its so hard when I am set on finishing the ones I’m on first. Brain why won’t you focus. 😀

Anyway I look forward to telling you all about the future stories at a later point.

You guys are awesome!

Shadow Summit

~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~



11 thoughts on “Changed

      1. Same here, I’m also working on a book at the moment and I do poetry when I can. Its a pretty new venture for me, I’ve normally stuck to short stories previously, but its still great fun!

        Liked by 1 person

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