Let’s Talk: Seasonal Feelings

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Hey there everyone,

So I haven’t written any more stories, or at least haven’t finished any chapters recently to post… (I’m literally so depressed about it). So instead I give you another filler Let’s Talk session.

So it is currently winter in Australia and I am cold and miserable. I live near the mountains, which although provides great views most of the year, mean that with the wind from the snow is freezing.

Now I hear some of you saying “Here in ____ it gets to -30 degree’s Celsius and there are terrible snowstorms too.” Okay so maybe I am a wimp, especially since I’ve never even touched snow before…

Anyway, lets just say I don’t like winter so much, and I can’t wait for spring and summer. Warm weather is my favorite by far, and you can sit outside and listen to the birds and gentle breeze. Ah… I can’t wait. Spring and Summer are my favorite times to write too, but winter makes me feel like snuggling up with a book. My best friend is the literal opposite to me, she absolutely loves winter and dislikes summer. We have agreed to disagree on the subject.

Warmer weather is so enlivening and you can actually go to the park and write without freezing your fingers off. I usually travel a lot more in summer too, since it includes the Christmas holidays for me. If I were planning to travel oversea’s I’d go when that place is in spring or summer. You just get to have better weather in those seasons, so why plan for any other time.

So everyone, I’ll ask the very simple question. What is your favorite season? And does the season or weather affect your writing?

Thanks everyone! We finally have some sun here so I’m trying to sit outside and get some rays, with my music and a writing pad. 🙂

Well, till next time, stay awesome as always!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Seasonal Feelings

  1. I live in Florida so it doesn’t get really cold long enough for it to be extremely annoying. We also don’t have to deal with snow. I prefer summer either way because it’s just a much brighter, happier time! It’s so cool that you live in Australia! I’d love to visit it sometime.

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