wingding. Restlessness wingding3

Flash Fiction by: Shadow Summit

Pitch-black darkness surrounds me, and every other creature in the house is asleep. However, I lay awake on my back, the cold air making me pull the blankets over my nose.

My mind seems to hum with uncertainty. Sleep is distant from me, hiding from me for several days already. My eyes feel heavy and my body feels ill from the lack of rest. Despite these things, it’s 3am and I cannot drift into the land of dreams.

I feel something warm and wet roll down my cheeks and I sigh. I roll onto my side and curl, clenching my hands to my chest. Such heaviness that I can’t seem to move. The warmth of my tears make my eyes even heavier, my breathing slows. Darkness finally comes, and my mind finally stops its churning.

I wake to the buzz of an alarm and it seems only seconds later. Perhaps today would be different. Perhaps things would suddenly change. People say that I must create the change, but what do I do if even that doesn’t help. I can only hope and have a little faith that things will change eventually. I just wish that it comes soon.

~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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