The Ghost

wingding. The Ghost wingding3

Poem by Shadow Summit

Call it a house

Or maybe a tomb

The scurrying of a mouse

The only creature in the room


A sudden ray of light

The ring of laughter

Excited eyes shine bright

As I watch from the rafter


This tingling feeling

Have I had it before?

Now I’m smiling

At the girl who opened the door


She talks to herself

I hope it’s to me too

Oh, my dear elf

Can I fall for you?


Time passes with a tic-toc

Will she ever know me?

My heart is a lock

And she has the key


But then he came along

I watched her smile

He sung a love song

As you walked down the isle


Never to love

Never to hold

Silently like a dove

I’ll watch her grow old


I cannot be seen

I’ll never be known

To the girl wearing green

I may as well be a stone


It is a tale of woe

The love of a ghost

Living in a bungalow

On an abandoned coast


Hey there everyone!

I decided to share this poem/passage thing I wrote a couple of months back. The poem is about a ghost falling in love. I don’t know if it has proper structure or if the verses are long enough, but I hope you all enjoy.


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

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