Story Idea Teaser: Etches on the Wall

I do not own image. Image made by: Justswell

Hi there everyone,

I’m currently writing the latest chapter of ‘Shifting Sands’ but won’t be able to finish it today due to other commitments. So instead I’m here to share my latest idea that came to me. Of course I won’t be writing any further of this story until I’ve finish the ones I’ve already started but who doesn’t like a bit of a teaser. I’ve called it ‘Etches on the Wall’ for the moment but that may change later. Anyway, let me know if it sounds interesting and I hope you enjoy.


I kick my legs over the side of the bed and just sit. I woke only moment’s ago but even though it is early morning, my heart is heavy. My pure white cotton dress may as well be drenched in black tar. The birds tweet outside my window and my parents talk downstairs. They are talking about the weather and how the neighbors are going. They have the same conversation every day.

Grandma will ring at nine o’clock like always and I’ll tell her I slept well. ‘As my little angel should’ she’ll say. It’s a blunt lie, but lying seems a better option than what telling the truth brings. They’d start asking me how I’m feeling every five seconds and try to fix me. I’m not broken, I just dream of things that aren’t normal. Sleep brings war. Wake brings peace.

I sigh and flop backwards, my long hair splaying around my head. Somehow I actually like sleep and the nightmare it brings. Anything could be better than the dull existence that comes when day breaks.


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