Quick Update

Hey there everyone,

If any of you are wondering why I haven’t posted over the last couple of days, the simple answer is I’ve been having a holiday.

It was recently a long weekend in Australia, and I decided it was a good chance to catch up with family and rest the editing and production section of my writer’s brain. I can’t make my creative, imaginative brain take a rest, because it’s always there and I enjoy it.

Sometimes its good to take a rest and just enjoy a creative break and recharge your energy. Even this evening, I’ve started some artwork for my brother’s original character and also for my next chapter of ‘The Mouse and the Unicorn King’. I really love doing creative things and recently have taken up digital art. I’m not brilliant by any means, but I can still make it look less like a stick figure, so that’s something right??

Anyway, I’ll be posting tomorrow and then I’ll be back into a steady routine with lots of exciting things happening in my stories. It’s so exciting for me to see my character’s stories develop and change as I write and I love sharing it with you all!

Thanks for every follow and like, you guys are amazing!



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