Let’s Talk: Writer’s Helpers

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Blog Post by Shadow Summit

Hey there everyone!

I was recently at the library, where I often go to write my stories, and an older lady started up a conversation with me. My brother, who I often get to read my stories before I post them, was next to me watching me write. The lady asked him whether he was helping or just an observer. My brother replied that he was happy just being a good audience member. We all had a laugh and the lady began telling us about how she often had her husband as her supporter. It was a long conversation, but it got me thinking.

I rely on several other people to help with the stories I write. They don’t actually do any of the writing, but they point out spelling and grammar mistakes. They also have to put up with me brainstorming, while talking endlessly about what I’m writing. Luckily I’ve been blessed with a family who support my writing and encourage me every day. They even ask if I have anything they can read, and when the next chapter will be up.

I have also read, on other blogs recently that some writers are feeling discouraged because they aren’t attracting as many readers as they want. I struggle with the same thing, but at the same time, it doesn’t govern what I write. I love writing even if my family and friends were the only ones to read it. I wouldn’t give up what I love, just because my ideas have yet to be discovered.

So to all those writers out there, instead of worrying about the quantity of people reading, be thankful for those who do. If you make them feel appreciated and happy, then they’ll keep coming back. Readers will tell others and that’s how you get your work out and into the world.

Anyway, I hope my quick ramble wasn’t too confusing. I’m super thankful to all my followers and readers!  Feel free to comment, if thou wish to, and I’ll write again soon. 😀

You are awesome!


~ ❤ ~ wingding3 ~ ❤ ~

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Writer’s Helpers

  1. That’s nice your family members help you with your writing. The one family member I live with cares little to nothing about my writing. However, I do agree we have to appreciate the readers we do have. I, of course, love the readers I have, and going forward, I’m going to try and focus on them, writing, and my graphics. Time is wasted always wanting more.

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