Letter from a Comrade

To my dear friend and comrade Flor,

How are you? Have the last few months treated you well, or are those grey hairs more apparent.

The last time I saw you, I can’t say it was a wonderful parting. You had my blood covering your hands and you looked as if you had been the one who’d injured me. I dare say my eyes mirrored the fear that was so evident in yours. I’m in much better shape than then, I guess you could say I’m at my pique physical condition.

From the moment we met in that tactics tent, with a single jug of lukewarm water, on a blistering summer afternoon, I knew we would be the best of mates. I can still remember us sharing a look and spitting the horrible water up as we laughed. It was rare for us to laugh in those times, but we always found something that could amuse us.

Back then we both had a dream for the future of our realm, and even now dreams fascinate me. Dreams can be so real sometimes, yet you wake up from them eventually. It is either relief or a longing feeling that you are left with when you awaken. When terrible things happen in life, you wish to awaken. You wish to escape the nightmare. But it never happens, you never awake.

The people, they continue to fight, claiming that they are fighting the war to end all wars. Yet they leave the land torn and broken, as it was when we ourselves battled for its peace. Perhaps it is merely earthly nature, perhaps there shall always be a desire for power…for war.

Yet in times like this, the universe is still merciful. Friendships are formed, their bond so strong that no evil would ever be able to tear it apart. Groups are formed from these friendships, nations from those groups. From these nations, justice is served and the land healed and rebuilt. While there are adventurous parties and strong bonds between the members, I believe there is still hope for our realm. One day, I pray that there will be peace throughout Ryllia, although it may not be in our generation’s lifetime. The world just needs a few more people like you, my good friend.

I know this letter will never be delivered, my last words forgotten. But I wish and hope, my friend, that you’ll never forget me or the time we spent together.

Fond Regards,

Your fallen comrade,



Message from the Author:

Hey everyone!

I recommend that if you haven’t already to check out “Creation of Ryllia“. It shows what happened to the two people in the letter, Flor and Kyo, and gives you further insight.

Thanks for the support! Hope you enjoyed this little bit of something different.

Shadow Summit


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