Creation of Ryllia

In the early years of the realm, Ryllia was a single faction, housing all races and classes. They all shared the land together peacefully for years, respect and devotion to the overall health of the country was forefront in the realms mind. During this time however a high general, Yuke Noybe, became power hungry and assembled an army of dwarves and half-orcs. His armies had brute strength and with Yuke’s thirst for leadership growing stronger, the army began crushing towns. It was not long before the word reached the ears of Flor Krad, a high-elf sorcerer, a member on the high council of the elves. Calling the elves to an assembly, they all met for three days before Flor was appointed as high-general. Calling all high-elves, half-elves and forest gnomes who were willing to fight the new threat, Flor assembled a powerful magical army. Within two months of rising, Flor’s army had torn through one of Yuke’s most established settlements in Tawic. Yuke was furious and retaliated with great vengeance, burning his own defeated settlement. A hundred elves lost their lives in the fire, and Flor held a week long service. Flor did not leave Tawic till all of the elves had been given a proper burial.

A new foe rose from this ruin however, their leader seeing a chance to take advantage of the brokenness of the other races. Humans and rock gnomes joined forces under the rule of Val Esruc, a rock gnome with remarkable talent in ballistic operations. Val pledged support to neither Yuke nor Flor and ordered for his army to defeat any of them that stood in his way.

The war ravaged the land, leaving rubble where towns once stood, burning remnants of forests and mass graves dotted the realm. Families lived broken and fearful, their belongings little more than what they wore on their backs.

An Eladrin archer, who went by only the name Kyo, felt a keen hurt brought around by the unrest and damage being done to the land and its innocent inhabitants. Flor went to his family, his fellow Eladrin and the wood elves and Halflings that had found sanctuary at Varian. With an anxious plea to his people, Kyo called to them for help in bringing peace back to the realm. He was astonished and proud to see that at his request, all of Varian rose to stand by him. Not one being resigned from the task, man, woman and child stood proudly before Kyo. Kyo was crowned and voted, with a hundred percent agreement, to be their leader. Proud and encouraged by the people of Varian, Kyo entered into the war, nine months after it began.

Favour was on Kyo’s side, his archers and fierce teamwork cut through the enemy. An alliance was formed between Kyo and Flor, when Flor realised that they shared the same hope for the realm. That hope was to end the war once and for all and return order to the land. Over the next two months, the two leader’s friendship grew and their wisdom also.

The battle of Moaxrin brought the war to a head, as the four armies were gathered together. Flor and Kyo stood by each other, as the forces arranged themselves on the massive expanse of plains named Moaxrin. Kyo turned to his people, knowledge of what was about to happen dawning in his mind as an evil event that should never have begun. His family, for this is what he called his force by now, were courageous in the face of death. Their war cry shook the air, arm in arm they prayed a prayer for those who had been lost, were to be lost and for those that would be victorious. Flor watched in awe, his own army caught by the contagious hope that radiated from the Varian people. Flor turned to the plain and towards Yuke’s and Val’s forces, determined to thwart their evil plans.

The battle lasted for two weeks of consistent fighting before the alliance was dealt a painful blow. Kyo was breaking through Yuke’s western line, the arrows from his archers so devastating that the dwarves had begun to retreat. Val however brought out his force of ballistae, his powerful contraptions flinging projectiles into sky. Even as Flor watched a group crashed into where Kyo was standing. In an instant Kyo was killed and a third of his army macerated.

Flor was still, his blood freezing and his heart filled with terror and anguish. Oblivious to the battle around him, Flor stumbled forward to where his friend lay. The sight of the torn body of the man who was responsible for the turn of the war devastated Flor. Flor trembled with rage, he stood with bloodied hand and glared viciously towards the battle line. Flor was going to end this, he was going to end it… now.

Two days later both Yuke and Val fell, their lives ended at the hands of Flor. There are still rumours flying around as to how Flor managed to kill both men. Some believe that he disguised himself as one of the enemy and snuck into their camps, others say he rode a horse in a straight line through the armies. There are also whispers indicating that perhaps ‘Dark Magic’ was involved. The truth however shall never be known, for even as the forces turned to him for guidance, Flor disappeared. Other than tales of sightings in the town of Cofield, a trace of Flor’s further existence was never found.

The defeated armies were left leaderless and scattered across the land. All that was left behind the wake of these generals was rubble and broken lives. Distance between the races were also brought about by the association with the generals. The half-orcs, dwarves, humans and rock gnomes were embarrassed and torn by what had happened. Between the alliance there were people who accepted that they had made a mistake and worked to rebuild the trust broken, others believed the races should be banished from the land and severely punished.

A half-elf rose to the obvious need of a leading figure, to help heal the broken and confused realm. This half-elf was a warrior named Ryc, a quiet yet firm character who did not want another war to rise from the unrest. Ryc approached the task with his wife Liliana and through much consultation, brought about essential changes.

Ryc decided to name the four forces and divide the land into sections. This was not achieved easily for each race believed that they deserved certain areas and vicious arguments arose. Ryc knew it was time to stand up and take charge.

The Kyowin races, eladrin, wood elves and Halflings were summoned to the court of Ryc first, their peaceful negotiations made the process easy for Ryc. The only request that Kyowin humbly wanted given to them was the faction that housed the establishment of Varian. They stated that Kyo’s home town was Varian and for that reason Kyowin, wished to establish a place of remembrance for Kyo in this town. Kyo’s race the eladrin were assigned the task of setting this up and so were assigned Varian as their home land. Wood elves took up a country next door, Sheledzadd, while Osvin was assigned to the Halflings. With Kyowin perfectly happy with their divided countries, Ryc dismissed them so they could go and rebuild and resettle.

Florax races were proud before Ryc as he asked if they had any requests for the land. The high elves wished to have the land of Tawic, where the burial of the hundred men had occurred. They wished to make this their central headquarters, so that they could protect the sacred grounds. The half elves requested the area of Lakkish, where the plains of Moaxrin were situated. This was for the same reason as the high elves had for Tawic. The forest gnomes however just wanted a quiet forest where they could hide away and live quietly. Ryc assigned them Whist’fell a woodland that was situated in the far north-east of the realm.

Ryc then met in conference with the dwarves and half orcs, but however did not ask them for their requests of the land. The dwarves and half orcs had been the first ones to raise their hands against the other races in the war and thus would not be given such a privilege. Ryc however was a gracious leader and assigned the Yukeria land that suited them well. The dwarves were given mining land, this land dotted the realm and thus they were not given a country. The dwarves however were greatly pleased and left to settle in these mining fields. The half orcs were placed in Vishen, thus ending Ryc’s assignment to the Vishen.

The human’s and rock gnomes were last to be brought before Ryc and were assigned the name, Valmor. As they had risen to take from the scraps left behind by the other armies, Ryc said that they were no more than vultures. Because of this they were to be assigned the land left behind by the other factions, Meddo and Wyestone. Rock gnomes were granted the province of Wyestone and the humans took up residence in Meddo, the province next to ‘The Wastes’.

All of these negotiations took place on a central island, which Ryc named Liberta which meant ‘Freedom’. Ryc intended for it to be a refuge and it was where Ryc lived with his wife and family. He wished for the land to be where all were welcome and could feel belonging if they found that they did not belong in their sections.

After the death of Ryc years later, the island city was named ‘Ryllia’ after their ruler Ryc and his queen Liliana. The entire realm which stretched from Derwik Spires and Arken Crags was also blessed with the name Ryllia. Monuments were built out of respect for the man who brought them together at the worst of times.

During this time, the presence of a new race was found west of Meddo and south of Vishen. This race was later known as the Drow, dark elves, and they lived in the dark wood that over grew the land. They build a giant tent, they called Glu’um, where all of the Drow lived in darkness. Although it was at first feared that they held a threat to Ryllia, with their strange practices, it was soon shown that the Drow meant no harm. Thus the leaders of Ryllia, gracefully allowed them to name this country Glu’um and where they could live untouched by the other Ryllian races.

And so with its history forever a part of its future, Ryllia was born.

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